1. BODY DREAM DE LUXE                                 200PLN/75min

A perfect treatment to sooth, moisturize and regenerate the skin of your body. Active ingredients used in the treatment (sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beetroot extract, burdock oil and silicon-protein complex) will revitalize, strengthen and firm the skin for a long time.

  1. CHOCOLATE TREATMENT                               180PLN/75min

A treatment that accelerates blood circulation and cleansing the body of toxins. Moisturizing, nourishing and slimming, slows skin’s aging process. The aroma therapeutic effect of chocolate enhances relaxation during the treatment. 

  1. DEAD SEA MUD WRAP 140PLN/50min

A treatment including Dead Sea mud wrap of the entire body and rubbing in almond oil. Active ingredients in Dead Sea mud revitalize and deeply cleanse the skin from harmful substances, while acting as a scrub, carefully removing dead skin cells. The effect of the treatment is firm, and velvet-smooth skin.

In addition to the treatment, we offer Dead Sea salt body scrub for only 60PLN

  1. BODY PEELING WITH OIL TREATMENT                                                 120PLN/40min


  1. BODY SENSACTION REDUCING TREATMENT                                     200PLN/60min

A treatment for skin at any age, with imperfections associated with cellulite, fragile capillaries and loosening of the skin. It improves microcirculation, relieves muscle tension, relaxes and oxygenates the tissues, while having a cleansing effect, draining and stimulating cell rejuvenation.

  1. BODY SENSACTION SLIMMING TREATMENT                                   200PLN/60min

A slimming, anti-cellulite and anti-fat storage treatment. Improves hydration and elasticity of the skin, revitalizes and regenerates. It stimulates the absorption of fluids and elimination of toxins from your body.

  1.  MODELLING TREATMENT                                   290PLN/75min

A cosmetic treatment that helps to restore the integrity and elasticity of the skin while preventing stretch marks using two new modelling techniques: stimulation of collagen synthesis and improvement of its quality while optimizing tissue distribution and soft cellulite’s drain and absorption of fluids stimulation by cold–hot treatment.



  1. REDUCING TREATMENT                              290PLN/75min

A perfect combination of Reducing Complex, Cocoa Butter, Caffeine and Guarana, generates strong energizing fluids and liquids, accelerating the reduction of scattered body fat on cosmetic level by aiding drainage of excess fluids. Intensive nourishing and anti-aging active ingredients give the skin softness and elasticity.

  1. LAVENDER TREATMENT                              180PLN/75min

A deeply relaxing treatment based on aroma therapeutic properties of lavender. Salt peeling with essential oils smoothes and gently nourishes the skin, preparing it for the nutritional lavender mask

  1. AMBER RITUAL                                               240PLN/90min

An amber treatment combining the moisturizing and anti-aging properties of argan oil and cleansing properties of Baltic amber in the peeling. Moisturizes, smoothes, firms and shapes your body. The lovely smell spreads during the treatment stimulating the senses and helping to alleviate stress, and any noticeable tension. A relaxing body massage performed using amber spheres completes the experience.

  1. LAVENDER RITUAL                                         240PLN/75min

Our thermal SPA’s signature ritual based on aromatherapy properties of lavender and richness of natural ingredients of almond oil. The result of this combination is an intensive moisturizing and nourishing the skin – even the most sensitive type; it improves its elasticity and slows down the aging process. The ritual is not only a relief for the body. Special relaxation techniques used in the massage provide easing of tension, calming and a return to a feeling of deep relaxation.