Dry Sauna

The air temperature in the dry sauna reaches 95 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 10% thanks to the hot stones stove. This spa treatment purifies the body and is beneficial for the cardiovascular and immune system.

Maximum of 15 people can stay in the sauna at the same time

Every first Saturday of the month you are invited to take advantage of a lavender session in the sauna. This special session is led by the sauna master. It involves pouring water with lavender essential oil over the hot stones and distribution of warm air in the sauna.

The more water gets on the stones, the greater the sensation of warmth.

The session is paired with an aromatic self-peeling and body oils.

Lavender session will put you in a fabulous mood.

Steam sauna

Steam sauna reaches humidity of up to 100% and a temperature in the range of 40-50 degrees Celsius.
Maximum of 6 people can stay in the sauna at the same time

Please read the Saunas’ Terms and Conditions and contraindications before the use of saunas

Due to COVID-19 recommendations steam sauna is closed.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday from 4.00pm to 10.00pm

Saturday – Sunday from 8.00am to 10.00pm