Gym and fitness room

Hotel guests can use the gym and fitness room after notifying the hotel reception. The gym has an area of 50m2 with access to daylight.

The gym has the following equipment:

  • Treadmill BH Fitness Mercury 6.0  2 pieces
  • Electromagnetic bicycle Carbon Bike Generator BH Fitness Hi Power H872  1 piece
  • Stepper Kettler Montana  1 piece
  • Orbitrek BH Fitness Khronos  2 pieces
  • Stepper Kettler Mini  1 piece
  • Air Rower AR 700 Vision Fitness  2 pieces
  • Master JM 3 EX system with linear bearings 1 piece

The fitness room has an area of 50m2; mirrors hang on one of the walls. Up to 15 people can train in the room at the same time.

Opening hours

Monday- Sunday from 8.00am to 9.00pm

Please read the terms and conditions before using the fitness room

The hotel reserves the right to limit the availability of gym and fitness room, hotel reception has the current information on gym and fitness room availability.