1. Basic information about the loyalty programme
  2. Terms and conditions define the rules for participation and the loyalty programme’s principles. The loyalty programme is hereinafter referred to as “the programme”.
  3. The programme is aimed for all who meet the conditions for granting loyalty cards and who accept these terms and conditions.
  4. The issuer and owner of the loyalty card is CS INVESTMENT Sp z.o.o. ul. A. Struga 24, 90- 513 Łódź.  The loyalty card is neither a debit nor credit card.
  5. Membership in the programme is limited to adult individuals.
  6. Loyalty card is personal and may be used only by the owner of the card who, upon joining the programme, will be referred to as the programme ‘participant’.
  7. The loyalty card can be obtained after the participant collects 50 points on the loyalty account. 1 point is equivalent to 100 PLN spent in Medical Spa Hotel**** Lavender Thermal Baths
  8. In order to receive the loyalty card the participant must fill the programme participation declaration and sign consent for processing of personal data in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 “on the protection of personal data” (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2002 no. 101, pos. 926, as amended).
  9. Personal data will be stored and available in the Medical Spa Hotel**** Lavender Thermal Baths, ul. Abp. Jacob Guinea 10, 99- 210 Uniejow.
  10. The card owner agrees to receive commercial information via email.
  11. Rights of the loyalty programme participant
  12. The programme participant is entitled to a discount on the services offered by Medical Spa Hotel**** Lavender Thermal Baths  – accommodation, catering and spa treatments.
  13. The discount is 5% off the price on services and standard packages in the hotel after collecting the minimum of 50 points on the loyalty card.

After the participant has collected the minimum of 150 points on the loyalty card, the participant receives a discount of 10% off the price on services and standard packages in the hotel.

The right to use the discount referred to in paragraph 2 can be used for any number of rooms and other services on the assumption that the person paying for the services is the loyalty card holder.

Discount does not apply if a programme participant:

* makes reservations by commercial reservation system

* chooses to use group prices

* makes reservations through travel or tourist agencies
* uses other special rates agreed with the hotel
* is a corporate client


  1. Discount can be calculated only if the loyalty card has been presented prior to the service being provided.
  2. Discount will not be granted retroactively, i.e. for services purchased in the past without presenting the loyalty card.
  3. The discount cannot be combined with other special offers (special packages, individual discount), organized events (weddings, first communions, baptisms, etc.).
  4. The discount is awarded only when paying by card or cash at the hotel reception or pre-payment by bank transfer. When booking, the programme participant is obliged to report having a loyalty card. Otherwise, the discount will not be included.
  5. Loyalty card holders can:

– Extend the hotel day until 4.00pm (upon room availability) -: The participant will receive information about possibility to extend the stay in the room  upon departure, rent a free bicycle (1h) per day, free parking for stays longer than two hotel days (counted from the start of the third hotel day)

Visitor’s tax is not subject to discount

  1. Final Provisions
  2. In matters not regulated by the terms and conditions the Civil Code will apply.
  3. Medical Spa Hotel**** Lavender Thermal Baths reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Loyalty programme whereby any change to the terms and conditions will be published on the site www.lawendowetermy.pl, at least 10 days in advance. Changes may occur only for the benefit of participants or due to the technical and organizational reasons. The privileges acquired before the changes are subject to the rules set out in the version of terms and conditions prior to the change.
  4. Information about the planned programme end does not stop the possibility of collecting points until the end of the programme.

The loyalty card is issued indefinitely.

  1. The loyalty card issuer has the right to terminate the programme at any time for any reason. In this case the issued loyalty card is void.
  2. In case of loss of the loyalty card, the programme participant may apply for a new card. The fee of 30PLN for issuing a new card will be paid upon submission of the application.
  3. Please send any comments on the loyalty programme via email to: marketing@lawendowetermy.pl

Terms and Conditions in force since 10.06.2014